Anime molecules

Ques: Why is there no download option?

Ans: We cannot provide the download feature as of yet, due to the simple fact that adding it would make the servers so slow that you wont be able to stream anime as quickly as you are able to now and will have to face constant buffers. This can be possible only with time and with more users donating which will in return help us afford better servers :3
Ques: Why can't i change the audio to japanese/Why is this particular anime dubbed and not subbed?

Ans: We only provide subbed anime but due to some issues in the past we had to upload dubbed anime so this is an issue with some of the anime and we are working on fixing this as people make us aware of it. So if you find any issues with the anime or episodes then please mention the issue in the comments below the anime or by using the report feature inside the app :D
Ques: Why can't i change the quality of the episodes?

Ans: We have HD anime and the quality ranges from 1080p to 720p depending on the availability of that particular anime. The reason why we cant provide our users with the option to change quality is because that would require more funds each month for us to implement it nicely and maintain that same level of fast loading times :(
Ques: What makes your app better than those already there?

Ans: We dont simply point to websites, we provide you with YouTube like interface, without any ADs so that you can stream anime right from the app and not waste time in finding the right website, the server and what not.