Anime molecules

This page will be used to give information about new upcoming features and changelogs for the versions that have already been released ^^
 Upcoming features:

> MAL integration.
> Video player improvements.
> Subtitle improvements.
> Android TV support.
> Chrome Cast support.
> UI changes.


~Changelog for the v3F~
> Fixed a bug that caused issues with video player not auto rotating.
> Subtitles dont have an ugly black background anymore :3
> Improved visibility of anime titles.
> Improvements to the theme.
> Episodes will not auto-play anymore.
> Visual improvements to the homepage.

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~Changelog for the v3E~
> Security fixes so that no one can harm your precious anime uwu.
> Episiode color changes.
»»Currently, the previous episodes seen feature is only limited to when the current anime page stays open as we are having some issues with getting it to work perfectly. (We are helping you sharpen your memory :D)««
> New search intent added if the typed in words dont match anything in the list.
(Make sure the typed in words are correct or try a different approach of typing the words, For eg: if "one punch man" doesnt work, please type in "one" and voila)
Report issues in the support group :3