Anime molecules

This page will be used to give information about new upcoming features and changelogs for the versions that have already been released ^^
 Upcoming features:

> MAL integration.
> Video player improvements.
> Android TV support.
> Chrome Cast support.


~Changelog for Ani-Ko v1~

• Now the app tracks which episode was last seen by the user, it will show a yellow tick on the last seen episode but do note that you will have to select the episode you want to play and the player will always play the first one by default. Tbh to get this working was a huge thing and to finally see it working, its amazing. The data is stored locally for now but in the upcoming updates this will be linked to your accounts.
• Improvements to the currently airing anime on the homescreen, now it's possible to click the anime right from the homescreen!
• Issues with Android 8.0 and memory issues with redmi devices have been fixed.
• The sidebar is no more, it has been replaced by a better looking nav bar in the bottom for better convenience.
• You can now view all the anime we have in alphabetical order.
• Now it's possible to get the latest update for the app if you are on an older version via the app itself.
• The app now asks for permission to access storage, this is mainly due to the above mentioned feature as it requires to download and store the new update. If you don't want this to happen, just deny the permission and update the app manually.
• A quick and small ad will be shown (that will either be a photo or a quick skippable ad) when clicking on an anime title. Only 2 ads in total/ 12 hours. Please let me know your views regarding this.
• Improvements to UI here and there and general bug fixes.


~Changelog for the v4A~

• Introducing completly new experience; whole new app UI with plenty of changes and different categories added to the home screen.
• Added "airing today" cards to the home screen. So you'll get an idea about the upcoming episodes.
• Subtitles now have black borders instead of black shadows.
• Now you can choose your own profile picture in the profile section.
• Introducing knowsenpai's own blog to the app's sidebar. Check in-app message to know more.
• Chromecast and Android TV are still in beta and will be available to you in the next few days.
• Spam notifications/ads (we were not paid and this was only a backend issue which is resolved now) will not appear anymore and we apologise for the annoyance.
• Bugs fixes and quality of life improvements.