Anime Molecules

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Anime Molecules is an app that allows you to watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of anime series from the comfort of your Android device. It couldn't be easier to watch Anime. Anime Molecules intelligent and intuitive interface makes accessing specific animes quick and easy, and also offers the possibility to discover new series.

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-Watch HD anime without ads.

-Everything inside one app so that you dont need to click on various links that take you to other sites and get bombarded with various ads just to witness slow loading times and inconsistent buffering.

-Our cute side bar provides you with featured anime, bookmarked anime, genre tab, etc. so that you can find your precious anime without any issues.

-Minimal material theme.

-Login/Sign up to bookmark your favourite anime.

-We are always listening, join our reddit community/telegram support group/instagram page in order to provide suggestions and help us fix those annoying bugs, links can be found at the bottom of the page :3